No, the shipping cost only covers the cost to ship the item to you. The buyer is responsible for any duty or import fees into their country.

No changes are allowed on custom orders. In order to deliver gloves in a timely manner we are unable to hold orders for changes.

There are no refunds allowed on any custom made glove. Any complaints and/or issues concerning a custom glove are dealt with on a case by case basis by the 44 Pro staff. There is a 1 year non transferable glove defect warranty on all custom glove orders. If determined a "defective" glove will be either repaired or replaced at the discretion of 44 Pro. Repaired or replacement custom gloves will take the normal amount of turnaround time.

Your order will be moved into Stage 5 Shipping and tracking information will be sent within 3-5 business days

Custom batting gloves take 3-4 weeks to be completed, and have two stages.

Stage 1: Order in Production
Stage 2:Preparing for Shipping

Payment Received (1 Days)
Stage 1: Mold Cut (7 Days)
Stage 2: Embroidery (7 Days)
Stage 3: Stitching (7 Days)
Stage 4: QC Check (7 Days)
Stage 5: Shipping Department (1-7 days)

Shipping to the USA is 2-5 business days and shipping international is 7 business days.

Custom orders take 4-5 weeks

Batting gloves include a 90 day warranty and fielding gloves include a 1 year warranty.


We do not recommend using any of the above products as they can damage the dye color of your glove. We only recommend using the 44 Pro Glove Rub.

Yes, custom batting gloves can be customized and ordered by using our batting glove builder.

While there are many shortcuts to breaking in a glove we only recommend one method, that is play lots of good old fashioned catch. After catch apply 44 Pro Glove Rub to the gloves pocket and outer leather then place a baseball or softball inside the glove and wrap the outside with an Ace bandage or Bungee cord. Never ever place your glove inside a stove/steamer or microwave oven in an attempt to soften the leather, this will not only damage the leather but also is a potentially dangerous practice. We do not recomend applying any other type of conditoner than the 44 Pro Glove Rub as it may damage the leather.

The Signature Series is handcrafted with Japanese Tanned Kip Leather. Kip leather is widely considered to be the best baseball glove leather available due to its tight grain, strong, lightweight and durable characteristics.The Signature model is crafted with pro grade extra stiff finger inserts, raised logo wrist embroidery, premium rolled welting, sheepskin palm liner, and the finest USA Tanned Lacing. The Signature Series Crown Tip model features the same high quality materials and craftsmanship as the Signature Series but also includes a unique crown like welting pattern on the shell leather. The Classic Series 2 is hand built with premium Mid-Grade Steerhide which provides a leather that is soft feeling yet durable. The Classic model is crafted with Pro Stiff finger inserts, split welting, cowhide palm liner, Patch wrist embroidery, and laced with USA Tanned Lacing on select colors.

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Pro/College/High School Athlete - Signature Series

Youth/ Entry Middle & High School Athlete - Classic Series

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